Nanjing Ham-Ning Co.Ltd. with the factory GlazeKing Ceramics Technology Co. Ltd.originated out of Transfair Photo Gifts International. Transfair, founded in Hamburg, Germany has more than 18 years experience in the personalization and sublimation business. Today, GlazeKing is the only sublimation coating factory in China under European supervision:

Our business idea is to combine all advantages of the production location in China with European standards of quality, customer service and company values. In this way, GlazeKingis not only the leading but also a truly unique source for your sublimation products.

We are at home in China but we understand you better as we are under European management.

In Nanjing and Zibo City, we are in direct partnership with the leading ceramic mug factories and our coatings are processed to international standards in advanced technology facilities, optimized synergy in a unique way.

As a result we provide truly best quality at a most efficient cost level under maximum quality control and with shortest delivery times.

The new generation mug factories have a yearly capacity of over 100 million mugs with in-house decal printing departments.

In the new strategically located coating factory we operate with enclosed systems two main semi-automatic production lines with a daily capacity of more than 40,000 items. Advanced efficiency and highest level of quality control are the main guidelines, but above all are our main principles:

Providing healthy living and working conditions for all our employees, from the factory hall to the cafeteria ! Themost important company value: our organization is only as good as all the people involved!

With these qualities we strongly believe that GlazeKingis the safest, easiest accessible and most profitable source of sublimation ceramic products worldwide.

You are warmly welcome to visit us and see for yourself !

Company Name: Nanjing Ham-Ning Co.Ltd. / GlazeKing Ceramics Technology Co. Ltd.

Business Type: Manufacturer

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